Synergy Global Forum 2017!

November 27-28 2017! The “Olympic”, the largest concert hall in Moscow! 20,000 attendees! The world’s largest business event –
The “Synergy Global Forum 2017”!!!
President of the Golding Life company K. Kreger as well as director M. Gloria also attended the event!
The Mayor of Moscow S.Sobyanin opened the Forum, noting the rapid development of business in the Russian capital, namely one business project per 10 Muscovites!
The headliner of the Forum was Sir Richard BRANSON himself, the “VIRGIN GROUP” owner with the personal fortune of $ 5 billion.
The top Speakers of the forum were:
– Nick Vuychich, who despite the innate lack of hands and feet, became the most famous motivational speaker in the world; he is the world champion in the number of embraces as well as a happy husband and father;
– Nassim Taleb, a brilliant author of economic bestsellers such as “Black Swan” and “Antifragile”, which explained how globalization leads to loss of local diversity in the world;
– Oliver Stone, an outstanding film director and winner of three Oscar awards, brightly and emotionally shared the secrets of his philosophy, which led him to success.
– Great boxer Mike Tyson;
– Psychologist Tony Buzan, founder of the memory development championships;
– Marshall Goldsmith, the famous business coach on leadership and management.
Two day forum! 20,000 participants! Dozens of speeches!

The summary of the event: The world is on the verge of big changes and everyone should be ready for them to be competitive!
The “Golding Life” company subscribes to these decisions as well and promises to always participate in such iconic business forums.